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Here are some updates:



Additional contact information for the Marina di Salina:

Telephone: +39 090 902 2167 / +39 349 380 1150
info@marinadisalina.com / booking@marinadisalina.com

Pages 66-67: RINELLA

The bay of Rinella will undergo some changes in the next few years, here are the updates:
-the mooring buoy field "Non Solo Mare" is no longer present. In fact, boats are no longer allowed to moor in the area in front of the beach. There is the possibility that another mooring buoy field will be installed on the other side of the pier
(article "il giornale di Lipari").
-an underwater barrier (to prevent beach erosion) has been created where the mooring buoy field once was, which has made the area shallower.
-a new marina of Rinella will be constructed, more information
-beach replenishment was effected in 2021



Stromboli erupted on Sunday, October 9th, 2022, with a large ash cloud and a flow of lava that reached the sea. Due to this event, the civil protection authorities in Italy have issued an Orange Warning alert (the second highest on the volcano warning scale) and boaters should stay well away from the coast around the Sciara del Fuoco, as indicated in the guide.

Aeolian Island Grottoes

The beautiful grottoes of the Aeolian Islands are the site of intense boat traffic even through there are regulations that prohibit entering or going near them. Since 2020 floating barriers have been placed each summer blocking the entrances. Swimmers and boaters must stay at least 150 meters away from the grottoes and the steep cliffs surrounding them (Local Regulation n. 28/2019 and 10/2020). It is forbidden to swim, fish or go near the grottoes in any way due to risk of rock slides.

The coasts of the Aeolian Islands are subject to rock slides and these regulations have the intention to protect our safety by not allowing boats or people to enter potentially dangerous areas. In addition, these regulations have an added benefit in that they protect these unique marine habitats.

The barriers placed in front of the grottoes are thanks to the following: Lipari Coast Guard, Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund, Blue Marine Foundation, Filicudi Wildlife Conservation

Sperm whales and nets

Several sperm whale sightings were reported around the Aeolian Islands and Milazzo between June and July 2020. The morning of June 26th, 2020, the Coast Guard of Lipari, along with scuba divers, intervened to free a sperm whale that was entangled in an illegal fishing net near Panarea. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, on July 18th, another sperm whale was entangled near Salina.

Please contact the Coast Guard: phone number 1530, to signal any abandoned fishing gear of entangled sea life.